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How to Travel with Your Kids to Turks and Caicos

Family vacations create life-long memories you’ll cherish forever – but traveling with kids isn’t always easy! Turks and Caicos is a popular family-friendly destination, with most resorts offering extra amenities to make it easier when traveling with kids.

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A little extra prep before heading to the airport and jetting off on vacation can make
it a more enjoyable experience for both you and your kids. Booking a nanny or
childcare services in Turks and Caicos can give you extra peace of mind before you

We’re sharing our top tips on how to travel with kids and toddlers to Turks and
Caicos, including the best travel essentials to buy.

1. Give yourself extra travel time
Flying with kids isn’t as easy as solo travel. Give yourself plenty of time to get
through the airport. Leave your home as early to be at the airport right at check-in to
avoid any extra stress.

2. Travel during nap time
Aligning your travel time with nap time can make it easier for your kids to break up
the time. They’ll get to Turks and Caicos feeling fresh and ready to start exploring.
Buy a travel nap mat set or an inflatable toddler travel bed to use in the car or
3. Call your resort ahead of time
Most hotels in Turks and Caicos are family-friendly with plenty of amenities. Call
ahead or make a note on your reservation if you need a crib in your room to save time
at check-in.

4. Charge all your devices
Keeping kids entertained isn’t easy – especially without wi-fi! Charge up all your
devices and download games and TV shows they can watch without the internet. A
portable charger can be a lifesaver if your iPad starts running low on battery on the
way to your resort.

5. Get travel headphones for everyone
You’ll want to buy travel headphones for kids if you’re planning on using a tablet on
your flight. These usually cost less than $20 and guarantee you some time to relax
while your kids enjoy their shows.

6. Everyone should have their own bag
Traveling with kids abroad means you’ve got a lot of bags to carry. Every member of
your family, even the toddlers, should have their own bag.
It’s an easy way to maximize your luggage allowance and ensure every kid has a
travel bag with things to keep them entertained. Ride-on kid suitcases are fun for the
airport, or you can get a mini travel backpack for your kids to carry.

7. Surprise them with a travel toy
If your flight to Turks and Caicos is more than an hour, it can be difficult to keep
your kids entertained. Bring out a small surprise at different stages of your trip, from
mid-flight to when you’re getting in your resort transfer.
Keep a few extra surprises in your bag to help stop any meltdowns or reward your
kids for good behavior. Sticker playsets are easy to pack, and fidget toys can keep
your kids entertained while traveling.

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